[tex-live] TL'10 pretest trial

Manuel Pégourié-Gonnard mpg at elzevir.fr
Tue Jul 6 13:16:52 CEST 2010

Le 06/07/2010 12:08, Norbert Preining a écrit :
> On Di, 06 Jul 2010, Manuel Pégourié-Gonnard wrote:
>> Well, imagine you are a windows user, you come to the TL list for help (and/or
>> to report a bug or request an improvement), and often the reply is "you're on
>> windows? be happy that it works at all", followed by a rant about a randomly
>> picked windows gotcha. Won't you feel like a 2nd-class citizen in the TL world?
> Be realitstic, that is not the case. We often get questions from W32 users,
> and we keep answering them in most cases in the normal way. It is simply
> not true that we do the
> 	"be happy and shut up"
> response as default to W32 users.
Sure it isn't the default response, but IMO it shouldn't be a response at all.

> Philip got his share because we know him well and he is a proud W32
> users enjoying bashing other systems as much as we enjoy bashing W32,
> aren't you Philip? I don't consider Philip a "normal" user in this respect,
> more like a good tester with a very picky taste :-D
Right, I don't have anything about joking on each other system of choice, but
IMO again, such jokes are better done privately or in some other place that the
TL list, if we want to avoid developing the wrong impression that windows is not
as supported as unix (and try to avoid lengthy off-topic and sometimes heated

>> They expect a clear position: we can't say "be happy that it works at all on
>> windows" and "we fully support windows since the 90's" in the same thread, this
>> is inconsistent. 
> Why? Sorry as a logician I don't see any inconsistency here. 
Since we support windows, it is just normal that things works, it's not a
surprise. People may be happy that we support windows. But once they know it,
they don't need to be happy every time a particular thing works. Are you happy
every time you run "ls" and it works? ;-) (Well, perhaps I should, I'd be happy
(almost) all the time...)

On a more general note, supporting windows is our choice, (and on an even more
general note, developing free software is our choice), I don't see any need to
constantly tell people how hard it is and that they should be happy about it.

> 	THANK THANKS Tomek for you wonderful work on W32.
I obviously agree here!


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