[tex-live] tikz in zenwalk

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>From: Santo D'Agostino <sdagostino at brocku.ca>

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>Subject: [tex-live] tikz in zenwalk
>I am trying to get my latex up and running in a newly installed zenwalk linux 
>box. However, apparently tikz cannot be installed automatically by the zenwalk 
>package manager (netpkg), >and so I have to do it by hand. However, I am 
>relatively new to linux, and am having difficulty doing this.
>I am running tetex on zenwalk. Should I persevere, or should I switch to 
>texlive, or should I just ditch the whole operating system and start again with 
>something like ubuntu, which I hear >is a little easier to use for linux 
>Santo D'Agostino
>Mathematics Department
>Brock University

I second what Zdenek suggested. Changing the operating system/distro just 
because of that issue you encountered would be a real overkill. And installing 
TeXLive from a DVD (or netinstall) has another benefit: TeXLive package manager 
(tlmgr), which you don't get when installing from distro's repos.

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