[tex-live] Value of TEXDOCS in texmf.cnf needs adjustment ?

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Tue Dec 14 02:28:53 CET 2010

Hello Jean-Francois,

    Modif A: with /doc//, the documentation added in /doc but not in  
    sub-directories was not found

That's because all the $TEXMF trees must follow the TDS structure.
Files directly in the top-level doc/ (or any other) tree indeed aren't found.

    If really there is a need for an ls-R file in texmf-local/doc,  

There isn't, if you put the files in the TDS directories.

    Is not normal that TEXDOCS is not at least defined as  
    $TEXMF{/doc,/doc//} ?

What's normal is the way it is defined now (and has been for ages):

You are implicitly arguing that it would be nice if doc files could be
found anywhere under $TEXMF/doc (especially texmf-local).  It's the same
argument as wanting to find tex files anywhere under $TEXMF/tex
(especially texmf-local or texmf-home, which people have asked about it
in the past).

I don't disagree, in principle.  It could be done (via a new tree that
is explicitly not TDS), but it's not a simplistic change.  Meanwhile,
however, that is not now and has never been the way it is set up.  So if
you don't want to mess with subdirs, then yes, you have to mess with
texmf.cnf definitions.


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