[tex-live] bug in gerapali.bst

Dominik Haumann dhaumann at kde.org
Tue May 26 21:13:10 CEST 2009


using the apalike.bst citation style I get the following results:

% ...

Now the following commands produce the result on the right:
\cite {Author} -> Author et al. [2009]
\citet{Author} -> Author et al. [2009]
\citep{Author} -> [Author et al., 2009]

Using the gerapali.bst style I get those results:
\cite {Author} -> [Author et al. 2009]
\citet{Author} -> [Author et al. 2009]
\citep{Author} -> [Author et al. 2009]

So it's always the same and the comma is missing. In my case I also need the 
other variant, i.e. Author et al. [2009]. Looking into why this does not 
work leads to the following line in gerapali.bst (package texlive-lang-
german in debian/ubuntu):

@@ -1020,14 +1020,10 @@
   year empty$
 %    {", "} % original
      {" "}  % ge�ndert f�r Andreas Diplomarbeit 30/04/92

So this was changed 1992 in a diploma thesis from ", " to " " (looks almost 
like a temporary workaround that slipped into the official release 17 years 
ago ;) ). Changing this back to ", " makes the bibliography style in german 
behave correctly, that is it reintroduces the comma after the authors. Then 
\citet also gives the correct result: Author et al. [2009].

(Maybe the other commands search for the comma as separator and don't find 
it, so that the bug appears)

I have no idea whether this is the correct mailing list for the patch, but 
in my opinion this really looks like a bug and the fix is to change " " back 
to ", ". The patch is attached.

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