[tex-live] incorrect reference to "Nimbus" font in "download35.map"

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Sun May 24 01:46:42 CEST 2009

Hi Erik, and all,

    I still feel something is wrong in download35.map ...
    All lines refer to Helvetica, except for two which refer to Nimbus. 

The download35.map and builtin35.map files that were distributed with
TeX Live 2008 (and are in TL dev sources now) are correct as far as I
can tell:

1) all the references in download35.map are to Nimbus, with pfb's (so
   the fonts get "downloaded", ie, incorporated in the dvips output),

2) all the references in builtin35.map are to Helvetica, no pfb's (so
   the fonts are assumed "builtin", ie, not incorporated in the output).

The inconsistency which you see where some fonts refer to Helvetica and
others to Nimbus does sound like a bug.  I do not see that.

Clearly you have a hybrid file, since you have references to Helvetica
with pfb's.  Perhaps the bug results from "choosing the Adobe fonts".
What precise command did you run?
updmap --setoption LW35=something  ?

Failing that, I can only advise looking to your distro maintainers.

Thanks for the report.


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