[tex-live] Conflits in gsfonts packge and tex-live distro

Norbert Preining preining at logic.at
Fri May 22 11:29:03 CEST 2009

On Do, 21 Mai 2009, Pander wrote:
> Bold
> Small Caps & Old Style Figures

> And many, many fonts, also repeat the font name or the size in points
> inside the style :( Even illegal characters in OTF file meta data on
> which the xml parser employed by ttx is choking.

Yes, but that is what the fonts *are*, no Debian Developer nor Ubuntu
will start renaming fonts, changing attributes.

> To return to the "correct meta data" approval for fonts, it boils down
> to what the community is able (or would like to) to pull of. As I said,
> I'm new in the font world, hence my newly acquired amazement ;) Probably
> I'm not the only one having noticed this.

Well, ask *ALL* font creators to use a decent system, a well, first
*CREATE* a decent naming system.

Karl Berry did it once in the naming scheme, but that has never been
taken over, and is not the best solution for otf fonts.

Well, if you *can*, come up with a decent font naming proposal that
convinces all font creators and publishers.

Good luck.

In the meantime please do not steal time with these discussions, none of
us can change anything there.

If you want, join the fontconfig development team and write a better

Best wishes


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