[tex-live] Conflits in gsfonts packge and tex-live distro

Norbert Preining preining at logic.at
Wed May 20 17:56:26 CEST 2009

On Mi, 20 Mai 2009, Pander wrote:
> > Ghostscript added glyphs to the fonts.
> (Without changing unique id inside the font but with changing file names
> of the fonts.)


> > Debian packaged the ghostscript version of the fonts.
> (Here font hinting is done on hard coded file names of the fonts, the
> files that have been renamed.)

??? I guess you talk about the defoma hints. That is something
*completely* different. font hinting is done on glyphs within the font
file, specifying special zones of attention.

defoma hints is something completely different, and defoma will go away
anyway rather soon, and registration of fonts will be done only via

> That the are not mixed is know to me. The remark refers to hypothetical
> situation where Ubuntu would possibly needed to change font file names.

Ahh, slowly I grok that you are only discussing the defoma hints.

> Sorry, I did not know this. Thank you for providing more information. If
> this is blocking merging the extra glyphs upstream, than those fonts
> with extra glyphs should at least change the unique id in the fonts.

100% ACK.

> Personally I think the current situation is unclear for the normal end
> user, even for most advanced users. They don't know what the
> consequences are when installing gsfonts or texlive and what happens
> when changing e.g. the order of the paths in fontconfig in terms of
> glyph quality (or glyph quantity, depends on what you want).

Neither do I. But honestly, which applications are you talking about?
OpenOffice? It cannot deal anyway with decent font sets (since years I
have an open bug about expert font sets, still all wrong there), which

> Question I have is what are the Ubuntu/Debian packagers suppose to do
> when they package texlive? At the moment they are still at texlive2007.

Yes, because I didn't have time to package 2008 because I was working on

> I think it is good for texlive (users and developers) to be available as
> a package in Ubuntu repository with latest stable version. That is of

Well, our repository (svn) is open to everyone, please download and

Best wishes


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