[tex-live] Some remarks about dviout

Denis Bitouzé denis.bitouze at lmpa.univ-littoral.fr
Fri May 1 19:40:26 CEST 2009


here are some remarks, from a GNU/Linux user point of view :), about
dviout viewer on a Windows XP box, as provided by TeXLive 2008...

1. Very terrifying README. I didn't read it ;)

2. No trouble to start the programm from the Windows menu but for a
long time, impossible to launch it from Texmaker IDE: all the commands:

dviout %.dvi


dviout.exe %.dvi


"C:\Program Files\texlive\2008\tlpkg\dviout\dviout.exe" %.dvi


"C:\Program Files\texlive\2008\bin\win32\dviout.vbs" %.dvi


"C:\Program Files\texlive\2008\bin\win32\dviout.vbs" %.dvi

lead to "could not start the command". Finally, I succeed by copying
the command line used in the menu:

C:\WINDOWS\system32\wscript.exe "C:\Program
Files\texlive\2008"\bin\win32\dviout.vbs %.dvi

This could be helpfull for other IDE or editors.

3. Dviout isn't portable in the sense that hyperref package cannot be
used as usual: hypertex option should be passed to the package,
otherwise dviout will crash!

4. Original computer modern fonts look better than lmodern one's! When
viewing a dvi file with lmodern, it looks as if these fonts were not
correctly installed. But with bookman package for instance, no

I don't know if it is possible, but it could be helpful for beginners
if dviout had a better integration in TeXLive...

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