[tex-live] dvips removing characters from eps-file

Struebing, Axel axel.struebing at le-tex.de
Fri May 2 21:12:52 CEST 2008


thank you for the explanation. To be honest, I already supposed 0x04 to be 
ignored for being CTRL-D/End of Job.
Although the postscript reference states that all data is allowed in 
readstring (this is my special case) I agree that these characters could 
cause all kind of problems for an application like dvips not intended to be a 
fully fledged postscript interpreter.

> 0x13 and 0x10 represent a newline, all PS rips must work with any line
> end, i.e. 0x13 is line end, not data. Similarly, 0x04 is job end mark
> for PS rip, i.e. it must not appear within a PS file. Using binary
> data in EPS is a pain, you must be sure that they are correctly marked
> by structure comments, dvips may then treat them corretly. However, PS
> printers do not read the structure comments and printing may fail.

Thanks again

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