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Yannis Haralambous yannis.haralambous at telecom-bretagne.eu
Mon Mar 31 00:15:35 CEST 2008

> The Aleph team has declared that Aleph development has been halted for
> some time; efforts are concentrated on luatex now.  Therefore they
> recommend that TeX Live simply make the "aleph" executable a link to
> luatex.  So I plan to implement that recommendation.

I strongly disagree, at least at the current point. I am myself using  
Aleph as an alternative to Omega (Aleph has less bugs), and luatex  
DOES NOT produce the same results. It still hangs with complex LaTeX  
files. I suggest you do that symlink only once we are sure that we get  
the same results and that every file which compiles with Aleph/Omega  
also compiles with luatex.

Maybe what luatex does is enough for the "aleph guys", but this is not  
a reason to remove it from the distribution and replace it with  
something not compatible. You should rather care for people that  
actually use aleph and do not want their files to be broken because  
some (smart) guy said "luatex does the same thing we don't need aleph  
anymore". I'm not asking for any evolution of aleph, just leave it  
where it is and as it is. Or let people choose whether they want the  
real thing or the symlink.



Le 30 mars 08 à 23:53, Karl Berry a écrit :

> If this is going to cause insuperable problems for anyone, tell the
> Aleph folks so they can convince you otherwise :).
> BTW, there is no plan to remove or significantly change Omega;
> essentially the same binary and support for Omega will be present as  
> in
> past years.  We (notably Akira) have already integrated the updates  
> from
> Knuth's "2008 tune-up".
> Best,
> Karl
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