[tex-live] xindy now in build

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Wed Mar 26 23:49:10 CET 2008

    Well, that's a considerably shorter list than Karl's, at least. But I  

Martin's, actually.  Mine was shorter :).

We obviously can't usefully distribute binaries that dynamically link
against such things as libsigsegv.  It probably means building clisp
from source is a practical requirement to avoid all that stuff.

Vladimir and I are discussing it.

    resulting version of xindy will be missing certain features/ 
    capabilities. Or does it mean those libs were statically linked?

I suspect they got pulled in because of the distro's clisp, not because
of xindy.  Obviously xindy does not use postgres, for example.

Anyway, for now, Build --disable-xindy is your friend.


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