[tex-live] xindy now in build

Vladimir Volovich vvv at vsu.ru
Thu Mar 27 04:20:44 CET 2008

"JS" == Joachim Schrod writes:

 JS> The list of shared libraries is dependent on your CLISP
 JS> installation, not on xindy. With Vladimir's configuration, the
 JS> locally installed CLISP is taken, a plugin for that CLISP is
 JS> compiled, and it's then linked into a new executable that has the
 JS> distribution's system and the additional plugin. Thus, xindy.run
 JS> needs all shared libs that lisp.run (the CLISP executable) needs as
 JS> well.

yes, making xindy with OS-supplied clisp is acceptable for local build
but not acceptable for build which will be distributed in TeX Live,
because of shared library dependencies.

but there is a nice solution: first build clisp from source, with static
libffcall (and libsigsegv), and then build xindy for TeX Live using that
clisp (it supports the --with-clisp=PATH configure option so one can use
a clisp built from source, even without installing that clisp).

i'll send build instructions which allow to accomplish this later.


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