[tex-live] xindy now in build

Joachim Schrod jschrod at acm.org
Wed Mar 26 14:42:25 CET 2008

Vladimir Volovich writes:
> "KB" == Karl Berry writes:
>  KB> Maybe the best thing to do is wait for Joachim's new version?
> i very much want to include xindy in this year's TeX Live.
> of course, Joachim's rewrite of ordrules is very welcome. but it may be
> delayed for some (unknown) time, while we can already include xindy.

FYI; this time I have rather stringent plans: At TUG 2008 in Cork, I
want to give a talk about xindy. The submission deadline is End of
April, and I will have to write the new code until then. (I have to
assure that my talk topics really work. :-)

That new code must be included in the distribution then, and autoconf
must be updated; but maybe you and Jörg can give me a hand for this.
(I'm not very knowledgable about autoconf.) Therefore, a realistic
timeline is probably sometimes in May.


Joachim Schrod			Email: jschrod at acm.org
xindy maintainer		http://www.xindy.org/
Roedermark, Germany

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