[tex-live] xindy now in build

Vladimir Volovich vvv at vsu.ru
Tue Mar 25 16:50:54 CET 2008

"JS" == Joachim Schrod writes:

 JS> Also, it does not compile on OS X; that's partly because ffcall
 JS> may be not there (Jonathan's problem) or because clisp
 JS> installation has errors (clisp-link-kit missing an x bit or so).

BTW, i fixed the build scripts in the texlive's xindy sources to not
require the x bit on clisp-link, and also to automatically detect the
CLISP_LIB location (where the clisp-link and other linkkit things are
located) by querying the clisp binary, reducing the number of
configure options from 3 (--enable-external-clisp,
--enable-clisp-path, --enable-clisp-dir) to just one:
--with-clisp[=PATH], and even that option is not needed if clisp is
found in PATH.

hopefully this will simplify installations, as users will not need to
worry about supplying the correct clisp-dir, or the "x" bit on

also: original xindy was building clisp-2.43 from source (which was
included into xindy's source tarball). it was not doing anything
special, but still was requiring a working FFI. I.e. it was just
building pristine clisp-2.43 sources, configuring clisp with
--with-dynamic-ffi --ignore-absence-of-libsigsegv, and then building
the ordrules module *exactly* the same way as it is done with external

therefore, including clisp sources into xindy does not buy any
portability or simplification compared to unbundled clisp. on the
contrary, with unbundled clisp users have more choices - use the
OS-supplied or 3rd-party binaries, or build whatever version of clisp
works for them, and then link with that version.

the --with-clisp[=PATH] option allows using non-installed clisp,
i.e. clisp which was built in any clisp source directory without
running "make install".


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