[tex-live] knuth update

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Thu Mar 20 01:17:49 CET 2008

For those who do not know, Knuth has released an update of his master
sources at ftp://cs.stanford.edu/pub/tex/tex08.tar.gz.  I imagine they
will be on CTAN shortly, if not there already.  It will take some time
to integrate the changes into TeX Live, but we'll certainly do so for
this year's release.

One particular question for the other developers -- if it would cause
trouble to update tex.web and tex.ch now in TL, let me know, and I will
refrain.  E.g., if it would be easier to wait until the new
pdftex/xetex/... are ready for merging into TL.  Otherwise, I'll plan to
do that fairly soon.


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