[tex-live] svn checkout breaking partway

Reinhard Kotucha reinhard.kotucha at web.de
Mon Mar 17 22:39:43 CET 2008

Randy Au writes:

 > I was trying to check out a clean copy of the svn trunk so I can do
 > test builds on new a freebsd amd64 installation when svn checkout
 > started choking on me...
 > in Master/bin:
 > svn: In directory 'i386-freebsd'
 > svn: Can't change executability of file 'i386-freebsd/bg5+latex': No
 > such file or directory
 > On my other tree, svn update worked fine, but it'd choke with the same
 > error if I move the i386-freebsd/ directory and fetch a fresh one.
 > it also locks the directory and complains pretty loudly if you try svn
 > cleanup...
 > svn: In directory '.'
 > svn: Can't copy '.svn/tmp/text-base/dvitype.svn-base' to
 > '.svn/tmp/dvitype.tmp.tmp': Unknown error: 0
 > I've never seen such an svn error before, so I have no idea what's
 > going on. it's happened on svn 1.1.4 and 1.1.6 on freebsd and a linux
 > box.

Hi Randy,
it seems that I'm the culprit.  I've set the executable flag to all
files in Master/bin but it seems that svn has problems with the
executable flag for symlinks.  However, Martin Schröder reverted
bin/i386-linux to rev 6968 and Karl Berry fixed the other

Does it work now?


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