[tex-live] pdftex35.map

Bob Tennent rdt at cs.queensu.ca
Mon Mar 17 20:29:10 CET 2008

 >| >|      pdfTeX warning: pdflatex: No flags specified for non-embedded
 >| font
 >| >|      `Times-Roman' (ptmr8r) (I'm using 34): fix your map entry.
 >| >|
 >| >|Thanks very much for writing and giving us an early heads-up on this.
 >| >|
 >| >|After some discussion with Martin and Hartmut, the result was that the
 >| >|best approach would be for pdftex *not* to warn about the flags missing
 >| >|for the "base14" fonts when unembedded, since it already knows exactly
 >| >|what flags to use.  (It's rather nontrivial to add the flags to the map
 >| >|file(s), due to all the tools involved.)  This will be in the next
 >| >|pdftex release.
 >| >|
 >| >|However, it will (as I understand it) continue to warn about any other
 >| >|fonts which are unembedded without flags.  There are none such in TeX
 >| >|Live, as far as I know.

Hi.  I've just discovered that, despite the fonts being named as follows:

% pdffonts test.pdf
name                                 type              emb sub uni object ID
------------------------------------ ----------------- --- --- --- ---------
Times-Roman                          Type 1            no  no  no       4  0
Times-Italic                         Type 1            no  no  no       5  0
Times-Bold                           Type 1            no  no  no       6  0
Times-BoldItalic                     Type 1            no  no  no       7  0
Helvetica                            Type 1            no  no  no       8  0
Helvetica-Oblique                    Type 1            no  no  no       9  0
Helvetica-Bold                       Type 1            no  no  no      10  0
Helvetica-BoldOblique                Type 1            no  no  no      11  0

and having font flags used by default by pdflatex, the Acrobat Reader
(8.1.2) does *not* substitute bold, italic or bold-italic/oblique fonts
when a document is displayed; plain Roman is used for all. Is this a bug
in the Reader or are the font flags incorrect?

Bob Tennent

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