[tex-live] Building texlive 2007 on FreeBSD 7.0 AMD64

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Mon Mar 17 00:23:53 CET 2008

(Combining replies ...)

    latex]\$ ./texlive/trunk/Master/bin/x86_64-unknown-freebsd7.0/pdflatex

Unfortunately, you can't invoke an executable via an absolute path and
have everything magically work.  You have to alter PATH.  (In general;
of course there are some specific things you can do via an absolute
path, but nothing involving subprograms, for sure.)

    I just want to install texlive in one directory, setting some TEX*
    variables, adjust PATH and that's it. 

That is exactly how it is intended to be installed, and how the default
is configure, except there are no TEX* variables to set.  Just prepend
to PATH.

    Is there any documentation on the web how to install texlive from
    source? The README file in Build/source ends with the build procedure.

I'll try to write something more, somewhere.


Many bug reports are sent due to incorrect environment variable
settings.  So as an experiment, can you try without the TEXMF and
TEXMFCNF variables?


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