[tex-live] share sub-directory

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Wed Mar 5 02:53:13 CET 2008

Hi Patrice,

    > The texmf.cnf that is generated by a build of the sources is not used
    > anywhere in TeX Live itself.  [...]

    It may be used in post build calls of fmtutils and the like.

No.  I said, *in TeX Live itself*.  I repeat: the texmf.cnf generated
by make in the source tree is not used *in TeX Live itself*.

I realize you distro guys may use it as a basis for what you do, but it
is not used in our original TeX Live.  Really.  Trust me on this :).

    Understanding the relationship (or lack of relationship) between the 
    texmf.cnf in Build and the texlive texmf texm.cnf is not trivial.

Any suggestions on how/where I can make it clearer?  To repeat, the only
relationship is that I manually make changes to both files to try to
keep them as in sync as much I can, as far as the actual values go.

    And in the Build texmf.cnf, it may be quite complex to get it to do 
    what you want, for example if you want to follow the linux File
    Hierarchy Standard (at least in texlive 2007). 

I agree.  I never said otherwise.  All I said was that it seemed to me
the process was operating in the usual and expected way, and there was
no bug to fix regarding the "extra" /share.

    +  sysconfdir=$(sysconfdir) localstatedir=$(localstatedir) \
    +  libexecdir=$(libexecdir) \

    +# modifiable single-machine data.
    +localstatedir = @localstatedir@

    -vartexfonts = /var/tmp/texfonts
    +vartexfonts = $(localstatedir)/cache/fonts

Using $(localstatedir) makes sense, and if all the distros need the same
thing, I'll change it to anything you guys want.  Otherwise, I'm not
sure what to do.

Ditto the changes you are making in texmf.cnf.

(See next message.)


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