[tex-live] `BoldFont' feature for XeTeX?

Jonathan Kew jonathan_kew at sil.org
Tue Mar 4 22:35:53 CET 2008

On 4 Mar 2008, at 7:39 am, Werner LEMBERG wrote:

> Jonathan,
> I have been asked whether you can implement a `BoldFont' feature
> similar to the `SlantFont' feature already part of XeTeX.  For CJK
> fonts such an option can be very useful.  Currently, we are emulating
> it with
>   \special{pdf: literal direct 0.5 w 2 Tr}
> but a native XeTeX solution would be better.

I've avoided trying to implement a "synthetic bold" feature on the  
grounds that it's likely to be far inferior to a true bold face.  
While word processors and web browsers may get away with  
algorithmically thickening strokes to create a "bold" effect, I don't  
think it's something to encourage in quality typesetting.

However, I can see that it could be useful at times, when there  
aren't true styled fonts available; I'll try to look into the  


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