[tex-live] Some minor patches against Build/source and perhaps something more important about ICU

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Sun Mar 2 02:01:56 CET 2008

Hi Alexis,

Thanks for the reports.

    100_all_build_mpost_at_compile_time.patch: It has been reported that
    mpost was built during make install target and not during 'make' /
    'make all' target. This patch should correct this. Refs [1].

Well, it should have gotten built if you were building the `dumps'
target by default (which is what the original Makefile does), but I can
easily imagine you weren't.

In any case, mpost should be included in the `engines' variable, so 
it wouldn't be right to include it in the `programs' variable too.  Due
to other changes, though, it wasn't in engines.  I've restored that.

    120_all_omegafonts_parallel_make.patch: It seems texk/web2c/omegafonts/
    is not parallel make safe due to a dependency problem in the makefiles.

No problem there.  Thanks for the patch.


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