[tex-live] TeX Live testing

Lantz Susan lantzs at tristate.edu
Tue Sep 25 19:17:11 CEST 2007

While searching the web for TeX editors and shells-TSU has *nothing*
that will process TeX files (which, as a structural and biomechanical
engineer, I love to use)-I came across the references to TeX Live on the
http://www.ams.org/tex/public-domain-tex.html#mac . I'm intrigued, and
next will track down how to get the CD.


I don't know how much I could contribute to creating the next edition of
TeX Live (I've created styles for papers, classes in advanced mechanics
and finite element analysis, and newsletters, but nothing worthy of the
TeX Showcase), but I'll gladly help to test it. (I've previously beta
tested several programs through a number of versions, including


Susan Lantz, diehard TeX fan


Susan A. Lantz, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering

Tri-State University


lantzs at tristate.edu


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