[tex-live] Parameters of \Fontfamily

Zdenek Wagner zdenek.wagner at gmail.com
Tue Sep 11 10:13:30 CEST 2007

2007/9/11, Steven Woody <narkewoody at gmail.com>:
> what values can i use for \fontfamily{...} command.  for example, if i
> want to use tahoma.  thanks.
You have to find the name of the tfm file and the fd file, it will
give you the relevant information. Macros \DeclareFontFamily and
\DeclareFontShape define the mappings between parameters of LaTeX
macros and the tfm files, mapping between tfm files and the real fonts
are in the map files. Anyway, AFAIK tahoma is not a free font, it is
not a part of TeXLive, so you probably have to make the tfm, fd and
map files yourself. If you wish to use directly the font installed in
your OS, you must use Xe(La)TeX. After \usepackage{fontspec} you can
specify directly \fontspec{tahoma} and you have LaTeX font commands
available as well as a lot of OpenType features. See "texdoc fontspec"
for details.

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