[tex-live] Runtime limitations on open files?

Reinhard Kotucha reinhard.kotucha at web.de
Sat Aug 18 02:31:44 CEST 2007

Philip TAYLOR writes:

 > Don't rise to the bait, Hans : for every Windows-specific problem
 > mentioned on this list, there are probably ten *X-specific problems,
 > almost invariably caused by the fact that there are ten million
 > computers in the world running *X, and each and every one of
 > them has different libraries, different compilers, different
 > versions, different this, different that, different everything.
 > Windows is the one thing that keeps most of us sane : just laugh
 > when the *X guys feel so insecure that they have to launch yet
 > another attack :-)))

Phil, I respect you because I know that you are an TeX expert.  You
usually know what you are talking about and you are certainly more
familiar with TeX than anybody else.  But what you said about UNIX is
pure crap and I must admit that I'm quite disappointed.

Windows is pure crap.  At work I'm forced to to use Windows, sigh....

Since Windows doesn't provide a reasonable user interface, I installed

Can anyone explain me why I can access remote file systems on Windows
with Emacs (in dired mode) ***immediately*** and it takes about 20
seconds when I try the same with "Windows Explorer"?
Our administrators are clueless.

I'm clueless too.  But I'm happy that I have Emacs. 



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