[tex-live] [NTG-pdftex] Runtime limitations on open files?

David Kastrup dak at gnu.org
Fri Aug 17 23:39:41 CEST 2007

"Martin Schröder" <martin at oneiros.de> writes:

> 2007/8/17, David Kastrup <dak at gnu.org>:
>> Can't check during the weekend.  What does it mean for an image to be
>> immediate?  Probably something different than for a write...  One
>> would need to patch up \includegraphics when using this with LaTeX,
>> right?
> No.
> http://sarovar.org/tracker/?func=detail&atid=493&aid=498&group_id=106

I am afraid that I am none the wiser what it would mean and imply to
turn every \pdfximage into \immediate\pdfximage.

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