[tex-live] [texsupport] Re: Installing TeXLive paralle on Win32 and Linux

Reinhard Kotucha reinhard.kotucha at web.de
Fri Aug 17 00:43:51 CEST 2007

Andreas Hirsch writes:

 > First of all my plan to install both binaries failed, because win32 is
 > checked and the boxes are greyed-out

I suppose that Tomek can tell us more.

Maybe it's best to simply copy the Linux binary files directly from
the DVD to the destination directory.  Don't know whether the
installer is helpful here.

 > The installation is very slow. And I mean very very ...
 > I startet at 14:14 and it is not yet finished :-(
 > At least, it remained nearly 2h at installing catalogue ...

I assume that you have the DVD since the CD is not provided by DANTE.
It is well known that installing from the DVD is quite slow.  The
reason is that the DVD provides the live system (more than 50000
files!).  Installing TL from the CD is significantly faster because
there are only 1500 zip files.

It is also a well known problem that copying files on Windows is less
efficient than on UNIX.

Anyway, more than 6 hours is definitely too much, and it seems that
you have a DVD drive which cannot deal with many small files
efficiently.  If you have another DVD drive in your Linux box it would
be nice to know how much time it takes to install TeXLive there.  
You can install it in /tmp and remove it later.

 > I transferred a 20 MB file from the Vista-PC to /usr/local/texlive/ in a
 > few seconds ...

Do you really mean "in a few seconds"?  That would mean that the data
rate is less than 20MB/s.  If this is actually the case, something is
wrong with your DVD drive (or with the driver file, or probably with
Windows itself).

If it's significantly faster to install TL on your Linux box it would
be interesting to know what happens if you exchange the DVD drives.

 > is xcopy invoked by texlive-setup? its idle too ...

Pavel and/or Tomek can tell us more, I add the tlpmgui guys to the CC.

 > hope installation will finsih until tomorrow ...

Be patient. :)


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