[tex-live] [texsupport] Re: Installing TeXLive paralle on Win32 and Linux

Andreas Hirsch afj at gmx.org
Tue Aug 14 14:57:49 CEST 2007

Hi Wolfgang,

quoting Wolfgang Fleischer, [14.08.2007 11:43 +0200]:
> Andreas Hirsch wrote:

>> I intend to install TeXLive on my Visat-PC, using a share on my
>> Ubuntu-Server. If a check the i386-Linux and Win32 binaries to install,
>> thats to do to use this install on the Ubuntu-PC?

> Hi Andreas
> To be precise that is not all you have to do.
> With the installation on your ubuntu box you get the win32 binaries in
> place, say on some share which is finally mapped to a drive letter h:.

I planned to do it the other way round: Installing it on my Vista-PC,
using a mapped share (i.e. U:\ = /usr/share/) as Install-Path. I thoght,
this way it must run on Vista after installation and I had to do some
after-installion on the Ubuntu-PC.

> An installation on a windows box does some more configuration which you
> now have to do manually:
> - Add h:\tex\2007\bin\win32 to your path;
> -Set the following environment variables:
> TLroot=h:\tex\2007
> TEXMFCNF=h:\tex\2007\texmf-var\web2c
> TEXMFTEMP=some writeable dir
> You may replace ..\tex\2007 with some more suiteable for you.
> You may check now:
> kpsewhich sample2e.tex
> kpsewhich latex.fmt
> latex sample2e
> ...
> to see whether your configuration is ok.
> There is no need to write any value to the registry.


> You may have to install ghostscript/gsview by hand on the windows box as
> well.

thats already done

> Do not ask me for special problems with vista.

no lack on these *g*

How do you consider to use debian package-manager instead of installing
TeXLive2007 on Ubuntu?



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