[tex-live] KPSE_DOT in fmtutil: Why set to `pwd`?

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Fri Mar 24 23:20:37 CET 2006

    Can somebody explain to me the reason for [KPSE_DOT]

I've forgotten, if I ever knew.  Thomas?

I have a few observations, not especially related to the original report.

1) kpathsea/expand.c says (and implements):
/* If $KPSE_DOT is defined in the environment, prepend it to any relative
   path components. */

2) the fmtutil script only actually uses KPSE_DOT in
      hyphenfile="$KPSE_DOT/"`echo "$hyphenfile" | sed 's at ..@@'`

3) mktexpk and mktextfm use KPSE_DOT (in an unimportant way, just to
   move a log file) without defining it, as far as I can see.


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