[tex-live] Re: [tug-board] Any news of DVDs ?

Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Fri Jan 27 09:50:01 CET 2006

Reinhard Kotucha wrote:

>I think that even Windows users are smart enough to pass an error
>message to google when they don�t know how to proceed.  And it should
>not be too difficult to install software which can extract tar.bz2
>files even under Windows.
'even under 'windows' ... actually installing software is seldom a 
problem under windows, not much more than under any other os (somehow 
each time when i install a unix server i have to install afterwards 
programs like unzip, wget, etc, so in the end it al boils down to soem 
user intervention)

>The compression algorithm ZIP uses is amazingly inefficient if a lot
>of small files are involved (for instace the tex4ht font files).  In
>certain cases zip files are ten times larger than tar.bz2 files.
i often do z double zip:

zip one -0 -r one *
zip -9 two

>Sticking with ZIP is as annoying as sticking with 8.3 filenames.
>Sorry, but in which world do we live today?
well, zip can make archives of files; being accustomed to zip, i always 
wonder "sticking to tar is annoying ..."

>Efficiency of compression algorithms does not matter very much if you
>have DSL (and maybe even a flatrate).  But many people have to live
>with their slow and expensive internet connection.
actually, using rsync (--delete) to update your existing tree to a new 
one would really speed things up;

>You certainly will not understand what I mean unless you had been in
>Vietnam (12 PCs connected to a single voice modem in an internet cafe
>in Sa Pa).
sure, but then even a bzipped iso does not help much -)


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