[Devnag-general] Re: [tex-live] Directory structure

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Thu Jan 19 23:30:05 CET 2006

    Can we somehow specify 'velthuis' in the directory structure? I 

>From my point of view for TL, what I care about is having the *same*
name in the various parts of the tree:

And so on.  The crucial thing is that everything in a directory
"packagename" belongs to the same package.  If some directories for a
given package are named "foo" and others named "bar" (as is too often
the case), it is a pain to deal with.

Therefore, if you want to call the package "velthuis" instead of
"devanagr" and make all the packagename directories be "velthuis",
that's ok with me.  If you want to make subdirectories under "devanagr"
named velthuis, that too is ok (you can make subdirs named anything you
want, it doesn't matter to the tools).  What would be difficult is if
some packagename directories are named velthuis, others named devanagr,
others named wikner, or whatever.

Hope this makes sense.  If you care to make up a proposed directory
layout (before actually making all the changes in your repo), I'd be
very happy (grateful in fact) to take a look.

    Also, can we use 'devanagari' instead of 'devanagr', or are we still 
    restricting filename lengths to eight characters?

There is no problem with names > 8 chars.  Feel free to use "devanagari"
if you wish.


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