[tex-live] Directory structure

Peter Flynn pflynn at ucc.ie
Thu Jan 19 17:19:35 CET 2006

On the subject of directory structure, is there any way we can settle
down to making the TL* installers use the same default each year? It's a
PITA writing documentation to say that "your TeX system (ie your texmf
directory) is put at /usr/TeX" [or C:\TeX or C:\Program Files\TeXLive\
or whatever] only to have to change it every year (and maintain all the
older versions).

I realise that some circumstances may dictate a change occasionally,
but it looks bad if with one hand we proclaim the virtues of the TDS
internally but can't get our act together on whereabouts to install it
(by default -- obviously a user can choose to put it at /opt/TeX or
G:\myprogs\ if they so wish).

Any chance?


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