[tex-live] svn timing

Sebastian Rahtz sebastian.rahtz at oucs.ox.ac.uk
Sat Jan 14 14:28:55 CET 2006

Karl Berry wrote:

>I'm a bit worried that I am wasting my time with svn (yet again).  I've
>checked in the Master tree by now (no Build yet), and an svn update from
>the top (with nothing to actually update) takes about five minutes
That doesn't seem unacceptable to me.  There's no
question but that Subversion is considerably slower
for some operations than Perforce, but that just means
adjusting ones work to a slightly different way of thinking.

>Although I dislike many things about perforce, perhaps their model of
>repository syncing is better suited to such a huge hier as TL. 
It is, because of the server metadata which avoids
a complete local trawl.

I'm doing a complete co over my wireless connection
to my cable connection. I expect it to take hours!

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