[tex-live] TL 2003: mktexnam always uses fontmaps

Jan Vida xvida at informatics.muni.cz
Sun May 23 11:59:42 CEST 2004


While using TL 2003 I've found out that the mktexnam script sometimes
returns wrong paths. Like:

# mktexnam bang10

while the correct subdirectory should be public/bangtex. Basically, the
script uses the fontname scheme in all cases, even when it shouldn't.

This is caused by the following statement in mktexnam, after line 130:

if test "x$MT_SUPPLIER" = xunknown \
   || test "x$MT_TYPEFACE" = xunknown; then

# Handle the options

This simply appends the string ":fontmaps" to the variable MT_FEATURES
if MT_SUPPLIER or MT_TYPEFACE are unknown and the processes the mktexnam.opt
file, which after seeing the string fontmaps as part of MT_FEATURES fills
in MT_SUPPLIER and MT_TYPEFACE according to the fontname scheme.
Unfortunately, the variable MT_FEATURES contains the string "fontmaps"
even _before_ this block is processed and so even if MT_SUPPLIER and
MT_TYPEFACE were already defined, they are rewritten.

As part of its initialization, mktexnam processes file mktex.opt, which in
turn processes mktex.cnf (around line 90). It is in this file that 
MT_FEATURES is defined as "appendonlydir:varfonts:fontmaps".
As using fontmaps is considered a last resort (by comments in mktexnam),
the initialization should be probably shortened to "appendonlydir:
varfonts", unles there's some need for "fontmaps" I overlooked by

Jan Vida
xvida at fi.muni.cz

"Devil finds work for idle hands."

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