[tex-live] redistribution request

Wettl Ferenc wettl at math.bme.hu
Wed May 19 08:11:56 CEST 2004

Hi Karl, thanks for your quick answer!

> FWIW, in general I recommend using the inst cd, not demo.
> demo is not complete, because there is not enough space on a CD.

uhhh, we were hesitating, but we thought, the possible demo mode has
advantages. Probably you are right, but we have to think on it, as we
mentioned the demo in the book.

> The answer is, unfortunately, there is no easy way to produce a
> "patched" CD.  You can produce your own image by starting with TL 2003
> and doing the updates, but there's no cookie-cutter recipe for this.

I see.

> I understand from Fabrice that a somewhat updated version of TL 2003 was
> produced for the LaTeX Companion second edition.  We can probably get
> the image for that from Frank, if you want it.

Thank you very much in advance, we may need it!

> On the other hand, depending on what "very close" might mean, there's a
> slight chance that TL 2004 would be ready.

Let me change the direction of your question: when do you hope that TL
2004 will be ready? (I mean a sure latest time.) Unfortunatelly, the
publisher strongly force a very quick printing, they want to close the
book in a week, because of financial reasons, we would like to postpone a
littlebit, because there is still a lot to do. (i hope, the fight is still
open, it will turn out in a few days.)

> Sorry, wish I had better news for you.

I would have to write much earlier! Thanks for your help!


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