[tex-live] lambda, omega, latex.ini

Sebastian Rahtz sebastian.rahtz at computing-services.oxford.ac.uk
Tue May 11 12:29:23 CEST 2004

Staszek Wawrykiewicz wrote:

>OK, will do the first turn, but, my dear boss, please give me the current
>recipe for tpm. In fact, I'm somehow blind what to do with all that
>stuff in texmf and texmf-dist (e.g. how it will merged for the final 
>release, etc.). I'd be happy to start my usual task of checking/correcting
>packages but please let me know all those principles.
I am trying to reconstruct them  myself, after Fabrice took it apart a 
few months ago and I took my eye off the ball.

for practical purposes, work in Master/texmf-dist/tpm.

the final release won't be doing any merging. what you see today is the 
real thing!


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