[tex-live] xdvi and lixbm

Stefan Ulrich stefan-ulrich.nntp at zen.co.uk
Mon May 10 20:13:37 CEST 2004

Karl Berry <karl at freefriends.org> writes:

>     is it an option then to put the so's needed on the dvd is some lib corner 
>     so that users can copy them from there if needed?

> Unfortunately, I don't think it is so easy.  The chances of any given
> .so working on any given user system seem remote to me, even if users
> knew what to do with .so's, which they don't.  (Heck, most *admins* find
> them painful -- I know I do.)

> We should just compile xdvi with static Xaw, or static (free) Motif.
> Wasn't that the conclusion?

FWIW, I	would prefer the Motif solution since it's more
user friendly and has a nicer GUI. But it only works correctly with
OpenMotif, not with LessTif. I guess it depends on how much space
you have to waste ...

Stefan Ulrich

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