[tex-live] schedule for tl2004

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Sat May 8 02:36:01 CEST 2004

Martin asked on ctan-dists, I will reply on tex-live also:
    ms> Karl, where are we in the original schedule?

My original schedule is here:
which boils down to:

completion  task
----------  ----
2004-03-15  dev releases
2004-04-15  doc - english
2004-06-30  cd images
2004-06-30  cover art
2004-06-30  qa
2004-06-30  doc - translations

So it would seem we are about 2 months behind right now, since clearly
we are not yet at feature freeze or have a stable source.  We're still
in "dev releases" = primary development.

So, the revised schedule in your message of cutting discs in early
September, instead of early July (two months difference), is basically
in sync with that plan, adjusted for current reality.

If we have a stable platform in June to start serious testing with, I'll
be ecstatic.  And I don't mean tweaking the paths in texmf.cnf :).  I
mean the actual core source releases that we will distribute.

I do not know if that is realistic, i.e., how much more work Olaf,
Fabrice, Thomas, you (Martin), Hans, and everyone else is planning on.
Any estimates, dear developers :)?


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