[tex-live] TL2004: Technical problems and testing

Olaf Weber olaf at infovore.xs4all.nl
Fri May 7 20:15:43 CEST 2004

Olaf Weber writes:
> Hans Hagen writes:

>> just curious: is \write16 the same as \message, or will \write16 act
>> as any other write (which makes sense)

> \write18 should be like other writes, not like \message.  Othewise it
> becomes needlessly hard to use.

Actually, it isn't like other writes, and it isn't like \message
either.  TeX doesn't ever do ^^-processing for \write18, just like it
doesn't do it for \special.

Note that we don't even do xord/xchr processing for \write18 or
\special, _and never have._

Olaf Weber

               (This space left blank for technical reasons.)

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