[tex-live] TL2004: Technical problems and testing

Thomas Esser te at dbs.uni-hannover.de
Fri May 7 05:32:20 CEST 2004

>   Proposed solution: Add the old locations of the files to
>   texmf.cnf and if needed change kpathsea so that the old
>   locations are also searched.

Everybody is welcome to read the list archives to see the reasons why
I don't agree. I'll happily (well, not really) see a revival of this
discussion if *new* arguments come in...

One thing that I can add here is that updmap (which users are supposed to
use to "register" their map files) will get lots of new checks regarding
map file locations (making separate searches in old place and new place).
The program will also output clear warnings. Very very few people have
their own enc files in local texmf trees, so a changed location for enc
files should not be a problem hitting many people.

teTeX-3.0 (to be release *this* year) will not search the old locations,
so one argument to add is compatibility between teTeX and TeX Live.

>   Proposed solution: Keep support for pdftex.cfg, but declare it
>   as deprecated and support only the mapfile entries. All other
>   entries are ignore (with a warning).

That will give an annoying message to thousands of users. Next point:
how to handle the situation that map files can be set up in two places
(pdftexconfig.tex and pdftex.cfg)? Which overwrites what? Which has
precedence? How will users be suprised if they just know one of the two?

I really *hate* adding complexity by mixing "good old" and "new"
approaches. Fearing incompatible changes, we should not change anything
or accept the consequences. Adding complexity is the wrong way.

> - eTeX will be the only engine. This should cause no problems.

"the only engine" are the wrong words, I think. "The default engine"
is better. Else, I don't agree. Sure, it will be a problem if we remove
pdf*tex. :-)

>   Proposed solution: Do not switch to pdfeTeX as the only engine
>   now, but maybe in 2005.

teTeX-3.0 will just go that way: pdfetex will be the default engine (with
all primitives enabled). TeX Live may well follow now, later or never...
It would be easier for me if the setups could be the same.

> - 8-bit-troubles (tcx): These have caused severe problems in the
>   past, but are supposed to be solved.

We should help Olaf to find the right solution. The last statement from
him to me was that the automatic loading of cp8bit.tcx does not work
any more (due to encTeX) and that he rather desperately need feedback
on what to do instead.


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