[tex-live] rc-texlive2003-inst-20030823.iso Win2K: irun/texexec path problems

Fabrice Popineau Fabrice.Popineau at supelec.fr
Mon Aug 25 00:25:51 CEST 2003

> I tried that (exactly) and also substituting '"f:" where you have
> ""c:/program files" and still get irun complaining about not finding
> texexec.pl on **drive C:** -- it's on drive F: with the rest of the
> texlive tree.

I have tested it too just right before. Do you have another texlive
installation in c:\program files\texlive ? Or any enviroment variable
pointing to this location (TEXMF*, ...). If your environment is clean,
you should get this report:

C:\tmp>kpsewhich --expand-var $PERLINPUTS --progname=perl
.;{C:\Documents and Settings\popineau\My Documents/texmf,

> Tried a little with xemacs and there is another problem: (I have
> Acrobat 6.0 (not Reader)) 1) xemacs tlatex.tex , edit and save file 2)
> Menu/Command/PDFLatex (on master file) --creates tlatex.pdf 3) edit
> file some more and save 4) Menu/PDFLatex again: Fails: it *opens*
> (Acrobat) the old tlatex.pdf and then cannot write on it.

> pdflatex commands from the minibuffer work fine, of course.  it's the
> pdfclose part that is a problem.

I have removed it. These pdfopen and pdfclose could be useful in this
context, but I have to change somewhat the way auctex calls programs.

> Also I note the following possible difficulty: I've got Active State
> Perl on my system already.  The rc distribution installation will
> shadow it by putting its own perl.exe up front in the path....Or is it
> planned to use only compiled perl modules and include only the
> perl58(?).dll in the final release?

It will shadow it only when you are using texlive xemacs. It is
difficult to provide the tool to people who don't have it and not to
those who have it or any alternate version. So this option : install a
version that will shadow any other version only when you are using
texlive's editor (ie: xemacs currently).


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