[tex-live] TeX Live 2003 endgame

Sebastian Rahtz sebastian.rahtz at computing-services.oxford.ac.uk
Fri Aug 22 14:09:51 CEST 2003

I have put in the AIX and MacOSX stuff, and done the requisite cleaning
up. I strongly suggest that the texmf tree now be left unchanged unless
someone spots a real bad error (I exempt Kaja doing texdoctk, and Karl
doing documentation, from this suggestion)

> I see some things to be done:
> 1. remaking all binaries from the *current* source (not 
>    source.development!!!) to have it finally complete and in sync with
>    distributed source.tar.bz2

that is an optional extra. the changes from the source of a few weeks
are really only Win32 cleanups; and (unfortunately) a change in eomega.
If all the binaries for eomega are remade, the pool file will need
changing too.

Personally, I don't think it's worth doing. too much change of a mistake

> 2. some more testing for Win32 is urgently needed (as usual ;-)

> 3. the new strategy with fonts/map is completelly undocumented
>    (in fact, I was surprised by such change in the last moment ;-)

I agree :-}

but it is not untested. it all seems to work fine

> 4. uhmm... tldoc seems not finished (Win32 section, all those pictures,
>    editors, etc.; btw I've just uploaded to support/vim/ the stuff
>    for Vim followers, and Gvim for win32 integrated with latexSuite
>    can be also considered as an alternative and mentioned in tldoc)

at some point you have to call a halt. you cannot go on refining
everything for ever. when it gets to things like gvim, it is really
niche stuff....

> 5. all tldoc translations are not yet ready!
life is hard..

> As I feel, we can freeze texmf tree, do the above without Sebastian

you have my blessing to do as you wish.....

> As for Grand Finale and mastering, can we fix that to, say, 
> September 6th? 

I would advise sticking to 25th August, but I think you should elect
Karl as chairperson here, and let him make the decision


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