[tex-live] TeX Live 2003 endgame

Staszek Wawrykiewicz staw at gust.org.pl
Fri Aug 22 07:13:12 CEST 2003

On 21 Aug 2003, Sebastian Rahtz wrote:

> We agreed to complete TeX Live 2003 by August 25th. Coincidentally, I am
> leaving on holiday for 10 days on 23rd, so I will have to ask someone
> else to make last minute changes on 23rd and 24th.

I made all images after #3682 (fix Omega tpm file) and it seems that
things goes well with all kind of installations (at least on Linux;
I didn't have time to check Win32, sorry Fabrice, will switch to that 
after some sleep)

I see some things to be done:
1. remaking all binaries from the *current* source (not 
   source.development!!!) to have it finally complete and in sync with
   distributed source.tar.bz2
   a) I can do that for i386-linux and sparc64-linux
   b) MacOSX - which version: 5.5, 6.3 ?
   c) AIX from Vladimir: can we put it again?. If so, I can change
      MakeImages.sh (Vladimir, please remake it from the current "source"
      and upload to Depot/Master/bin/rs6000-aix?.?.? )
   d) b) and c) should be noted in tldoc (Karl?)
2. some more testing for Win32 is urgently needed (as usual ;-)
3. the new strategy with fonts/map is completelly undocumented
   (in fact, I was surprised by such change in the last moment ;-)
4. uhmm... tldoc seems not finished (Win32 section, all those pictures,
   editors, etc.; btw I've just uploaded to support/vim/ the stuff
   for Vim followers, and Gvim for win32 integrated with latexSuite
   can be also considered as an alternative and mentioned in tldoc)
5. all tldoc translations are not yet ready!

As I feel, we can freeze texmf tree, do the above without Sebastian
and bless him for holidays, am I right?

As for Grand Finale and mastering, can we fix that to, say, 
September 6th? 

Ps. my standard email address is now flooded by spam, so please
use rather: staw at staw.eps.gda.pl
Staszek Wawrykiewicz
StaW at gust.org.pl

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