[tex-live] beta iso's

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Wed Aug 13 11:22:09 CEST 2003

Hi Baden,

    Are the beta ISO's available via ftp from tug.org fully functional ?

They're supposed to be!  That's what we're going to send to production
after all.  They're created reasonably simply, with mkisofs.

One potential problem -- the demo ISO is currently 659.5MB, so that may
overflow some cd formats.  And the live ISO is ~1.1GB, so of course it
will only fit on DVD.

    none of them seem to result in a usable CD ... also tried multiple
    different CDROM burning software. 

They get updated every night at 1am Denmark time.  (I'm not sure how
that translates into Australia time. :) Another potential problem -- I
wonder if you're getting hit by this and the file is changing from under
you, resulting in corruption.

    Can someone post an MD5SUM or similar so I can check my ISOs ?

Good idea, we should change the script to do that.  Meanwhile, I've
copied the current inst iso to
ftp://tug.org/texlive/Images/test-20030813inst.iso (so it won't change
when the script runs again 9 hours or so from now), and written the
md5sum to test-20030813inst.iso.md5:
3df1b28d9b56bd77c246269c7db49060  test-20030813inst.iso

Please let us know if problems persist.


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