[tex-live] [OT] Urgent help needed

Norbert Preining preining at logic.at
Wed Aug 13 17:08:27 CEST 2003

On Mit, 13 Aug 2003, Karl Berry wrote:
>     Does on of you have an idea?
> Yes.  You have:
> \gdef\egroup{{#2}}%

I just found it out. HOW stupid I am! I generated this from a mysql
table and, yes, the field is called `egroup'. WHat a pity.

Thanks a lot in any case!

> Do not redefine \egroup :).  That's defined in plain.tex as an implicit
> begingroup character.

Yes yes. This solved all the problems.

>     One more question: How can I trace opened groups/closed groups, because
> I tried \tracingall\tracingonline=0 and running with elatex, which gives
> the maximum tracing I know of, but even that does not really describe
> the group nesting, as far as I can see.  Too bad.

Not necessary. The problems are solved by the above fix.

Best wishes


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