[tex-live] pdftex.map for TL8

Thomas Esser te at dbs.uni-hannover.de
Tue Aug 12 22:44:22 CEST 2003

[sorry for my late reply to this...]
> 1) What are the funny encodings (f7b6d320.enc,10037936.enc, etc.)
>    found in texmf/dvips/tetex for?

These help dvipdfm for text extraction / searching in pdf.

>    Could Thomas explain why they are
>    used now for the CM fonts and what these funny names mean?

The names are funny (in fact most bytes of the filename come from some
md5sum of the encoding file itself), because I did not know any better
names. I have extracted the encoding from the pfb files of the bsr fonts
and grouped fonts with identical encoding together.

>    Why is cmr5 reencoded why a different encoding (0ef0afca.enc) while
>    all other cmr* use f7b6d320.enc?

I have taken the encoding of the pfb file which is the same as Knuth's

> 2) It seems to me that the updmap script does not do a proper job, see
>    for instance what happens to cmbsy* fonts:
> a) the reencoding should apply to all or none of these, but not
>    just to cmbsy10...

For non-text fonts, it does not really matter...

> b) three lines are missing for cmbsy6, cmbsy8 and cmbsy9 (precisely
>    the sizes using a different .pfb file (cmbsy6 uses cmbsy7.pfb).
> I fear that this kind of thing might affect other fonts, a carefull
> overall check seems to be needed. Another example:

Bugs in TL which habe been fixed after your mail...

> I won't comment on utopia, which has (sadly) been withdrawn for
> obscure copyright reasons...

Sebastian does not only want to provide a useful TeX system, but he also
wants to provide a collection of free software which gives some minimum
level of freedom to the users. The utopia fonts must not be changed,
so you can't fix a bug in it or add some accents that you need.

Sure, the "free software" decision means to omit some stuff. On the other
hand, that decision has helped the whole license issue in the TeX world
a lot.


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