[tex-live] BibTeX problem (image 20020508 and 20020515)

Janusz S. Bień jsbien@mimuw.edu.pl
16 May 2002 18:21:52 +0200

On Wed, 15 May 2002  Thomas Esser <te@informatik.uni-hannover.de> wrote:

> > /home/jsbien/texmf/bibtex/bib is not (and shouldn't be) preceded by
> > exclamation marks, so it should be searched without the use of the
> > hash table.
> If an ls-R file exists, it must be up-to-date. I guess that your ls-R file
> was incomplete. If you remove it completely, your files should be found.
> Thomas

You are right, but the question is: why TL7 creates the ls-R file in
/home/jsbien/texmf without my knowledge and against my will? TL6
didn't do this, I think it was a better default.



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