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Here are a few (stupid) questions that I hope someone in TUG can answer.

I recently ordered TeX Live because I need to get LaTex up and running on a new Dell PC with Windows ME as soon as possible.  My old DOS-based 4allTeX would not run on this machine.

I used Quick install to load TeX Live, but nowhere in the voluminous documentation (of course, too much is equivalent to none at all) could I find how to actually run LaTex (compile, preview, and print a LaTex file).  Please tell me how to run LaTex.  I assume this question has a one-sentence answer.  This simple but crucial sentence should be instantly available with the CD.

I also cannot find (at least, written in human language) how to run LaTex from the CD.  The TeX Live Guide is completely useless, since it is written in gibberish.

I had assumed that the AMS recommended your program to its members because it would be easy and reliable to use.  So far I am disappointed.

Thanks for your help.

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