[tex-live] Comments on TeXLive 6 CD

Evgeny Rupakov rupakov@jet.msk.su
Tue, 24 Jul 2001 14:29:19 +0400

Hello there, TeX Live staff!

      I'd like to comment my TeXLive 6 CD installation experience on
Win32 (specifically, Windows98 SE) platform.

1. TeXLive Setup.
-   I've used a-la 'Custom' installation. Setup asked me for the
packages I'd like to install - I made my choice.  Setup then began to
install the packages I didn't ask for (ex., TeXnic Center(?) etc.).
-   NTEmacs seems to run only on WindowsNT
-   TeXnic Center must be installed into default directory, because
when I try to change installation directory through pressing <Browse>
button, it simply hangs
-   After installation was completed, TeXSetup hanged after I've
pressed <Reboot> button
-   The "setvars.bat" file have errors that causes Windows not runnig
it. I've installed TeXLive into D:/Program Files/TeX and batch files
looked like this:

    set PATH=D:/Program Files/TeX/bin/win32;%PATH%   

,although it must look like

    set PATH="D:/Program Files/TeX/bin/win32";%PATH%.

Notice double quotes around the path that contain spaces.

-   Latex complains about absence of format files. When I ran
'fmutils' to create the latter, it complain about absence of
configuration file. Is it a TeXSetup bug (simply forgot)?

2. Can I take part in debugging and 'smoothing' TeXLive? 
Nethertheless I liked it and want to contribute something to help it
go on.

WBR, Eugene B. Rupakov