[tex-live] TL6 master underway

TUG Office office@tug.org
Tue, 17 Jul 2001 14:07:26 -0700

We're making a (second) master TL6 this afternoon (i failed to wait a few 
hours yesterday...more practice downloading, etc!).  Wink will test it on a 
Windows and UNIX machine after which I'll send a proof copy to Art Ogawa, 
Patricia Monohon and Wendy McKay for more testing.  If we pass the test, 
we'll forward the CD to On-Line Copy in California, then distribute to LUG 
groups and 2001 members.
Probably more than most of you care to know...but I thought I'd pass the 
blurb along anyways.
Two-thousand nine-hundred and seventy thank-you's (with more to come),