[tex-live] Re: TeX Live 6 available for ordering

Irina A. Makhovaya irina@mir.msk.su
Wed, 4 Jul 1 17:49:29 +0400

Dear Mimi,
dear Sebastian,

in accordance with Kaja Christiansen's request I have sent
information about new TeX Live 6 version into CyrTeX mailing
list. I do not doubt, that this version, as well as previous
one, will be performed at the highest professional level.
Unfortunately, new CyrTeX group of Russian users is unformal
one and there is no coordinator. Therefore there will be
very few orders for this CD if any. But demand for such
disks is rather great (above 1000 TeXusers according to my

MIR Publishers, as you probably know, issue "TeX publishing library" ---
series dedicated to TeX and adjacent problems in print run of 5000
copies. Three books have been already published in Russian:

M.Goossens et al. "The LaTeX Companion"
G.Gratzer "First Steps in LaTeX"
P.Karov "Font Technology"

Three more books are in publishing schedule:

D.Knuth "Digital Typography"
M.Goossens, S.Rahtz "The LaTeX Web Companion"
M.Goossens et al. "The LaTeX Graphics Companion".

I as editor of this series understand, that many readers
will want to acquire a disk with corresponding software
along with these books. Therefore MIR Publishers proposes to
conclude an Agreement for distribution of this disk on the
following terms:

TUG provides MIR Publishers with TeX Live 6 master-disk
and rights for its printing up to 5000 copies and
distribution at Russia. MIR Publishers pay TUG  500 US Dollars
for 1 master-disk immediately upon concluding a
corresponding Agreement.

It is more convenient for us to receive from you 1
mastetr-disk but not a whole print run as far as
expenditures for customs clearance and mail services are
very great and the procedure itself is very complicated and
may be very long.

Should you find these terms acceptable would you please
send us an Agreement for signature. If you have remarks and
amendments, we are ready to discuss them.

Best regards.
Sincerely --
Irina Makhovaia                 e-mail: irina@mir.msk.su
Deputy Editor-in-Chief           Phone: (095)286-0622
Mir Publishers                     Fax: (095)288-9522
2 Pervyi Rizhskii Pereulok
Moscow, 107996, Russia